What I’m Thankful For – Part One!

Somehow it’s already the end of November, so lets talk Thanksgiving. Despite the mess going on in my life, I actually do have plenty to be thankful for: my dad is getting better by the day and I’ve got a great family and an amazing, supportive girlfriend.  Thanksgiving is an important day in America, and it’s good to give thanks. Now, this is a music blog, so forget about all that sensitive junk and lets talk records!

The Five Records I’m Most Thankful For – A Thanksgiving Record Extravaganza!

Note: I have a reasonably small record collection, and for the most part I have it pretty well trimmed down to my 150 or so favorite records.  Cutting down a list of my top five will absolutely vary on any given day, but a quick look-through and here are the ones I pulled out, in a very particular order:

5) Captain, We’re Sinking/It’s A Trap/Kind of Like Records/2008/Official Website

I began this list by looking at the records that meant the most to me, but when I needed to narrow down the last one, I thought of the record that has gotten the most play on my turntable over the last few years.  That honor, by a large margin goes to Captain We’re Sinking’s It’s a Trap.  No frills, just four songs that get stuck in your head that just rock much harder than they have any right to.  I’m going to need to buy a backup copy pretty soon because this thing HAS to be getting worn out by now.  I just saw this band again at Fest and it was awesome having a packed room of kids singing along with every song. Check out “Crushed by Milwaukee’s Best” if you don’t believe me.

4) Brandtson/Send Us a Signal/The Militia Group/2004/Reissued 2010/DREAMOVER Records

(The Now Defunct) Brandtson was one of the great early 2000’s emo bands, but they really hit it out of the park with 2004’s Send Us a Signal.  While their earlier emo influences are still there, Brandtson put together a much more rounded indie record with Send Us a Signal, their best to date.  This album came out at such a weird time, when I wasn’t sure what the hell I was doing with my life.  Songs like “Just Breathe” hit me just right, and really put to words the way I was feeling.  In 2010 DREAMOVER Records had a Kickstarter to press this album on vinyl, and here’s my backer-exclusive orange vinyl variant. This is an excellent version of an even more excellent record

3) NOFX/So Long and Thanks For All the Shoes/Epitaph Records/1997/Official Website

When I was about thirteen and realized that there was more music out there than Nirvana and Metallica (literally the only two bands I listened to), I got adventurous at my local record store and bought a few tapes from their “punk” section.  Not long after, NOFX released this album, So Long and Thanks For All The Shoes, and it became an instant favorite.  I remember at the time hearing that album was where NOFX lost their edge, but I think that’s ridiculous, mostly because THIS ALBUM IS SO GODDAMN FAST.  Seriously, when I first put the 2010 reissue on my record player I thought I had it on the wrong speed setting.  So Long.. puts any “fast” punk band to shame, plus it’s really, really good to boot.  Two of the songs on this record, “All His Suits Are Torn” and “Quart in Session.” have the BEST lyrics NOFX’s Fat Mike have ever written. Top five, no question. I’ve got the 2010 reissue on green, and I love it.

Stay tuned for the number two and number one records I’m most thankful for!


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