What I’m Thankful For – Part Two!

Who cares if it’s december? It’s time to continue what I started, so let’s talk about the top two records I’m thankful for!

If you missed it, read about numbers five through three over here

The Five Records I’m Most Thankful For – A Thanksgiving Record Extravaganza! .. (part two)

2) Iron Chic/Not Like This/Dead Broke Rekerds/Yo-Yo Records/2010/Official Website

There are very few things in this world that I can say that I love. I love pizza. I love my stupid cat that I have to clean up after. I love my family. I love Iron Chic’s Not Like This.

Bought this Euro red version from a seller in England

Bought this Euro red version from a seller in England

When I was a young’n, there was a Long Island band called Latterman who, despite not achieving the success they deserved while active, have been incredibly influential to countless punk rock bands.  They influenced an entire style of punk. After Latterman broke up, the members formed and joined a whole slew of new projects, one of which is Iron Chic.  Iron Chic and Latterman certainly share some similar sounds, but while Latterman is influential, Iron Chic is just so much better. There, I said it.

Not Like This is 31 minutes of anthemic punk rock bliss.  Every song is laden with distorted bass lines, classic 90’s Long Island emo guitar work, and scratchy, melodic vocals you can’t help but sing along with.  If you get a chance to catch the band play on Long Island some time, you’ll see just what I mean when a few hundred strangers sing along louder than the P.A.  You’ll also notice that the band will play nearly this whole album, because it’s filled with some of their best work to date.  “Cutesy Monster Man” is one of the greatest opening tracks for any album ever.  “Know What I Mean, Jellybean?” and “Bustin’ (Makes Me Feel Good)” are both simultaneously sad as fuck and triumphant as hell. How is that even possible?!? I love this album, and until I get another Iron Chic full length, I’m gonna keep spinning it.

1) Less Than Jake/Muppets 7″/1997/Liquid Meat Records/Official Website


When I was a kid, I really liked Less Than Jake. They honestly got me into punk rock. I had every CD I could get my hands on, even the weird Japanese import that came with an obi strip.  One day I found their website (this was 1998, I barely used the internet back then!) and saw that they did a lot of mailorder sales, and that they had a ton of vinyl releases. I really didn’t even know bands were still releasing vinyl back then, and I thought that was so cool! I got a money order, put it in an envelope (!),  wrote out a post-it saying what I wanted, and I waited. Eventually I received this beauty, the Less Than Jake Muppets seven inch. This baby is super cool and contains four covers of Muppets songs, plus some pretty neat DIY-style artwork.  When I was younger I was very happy with this record. Now, I can certainly see it’s flaws, mostly with sound quality. But I can’t not love this record. It’s responsible for my love of vinyl. Less Than Jake’s Muppets really symbolizes a different era for me, where everything was new and exciting and I couldn’t wait to hear more new music. For that, it’ll always be the record I’m most thankful for.


I hear them calling my name


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