Make Do and Mend – Everything You Ever Loved

Make Do and Mend/Everything You Ever Loved/Rise Records/2012/Official Website

Make Do and Mend released an excellent debut full-length post-hardcore record with 2010’s End Measured Mile on Paper and Plastick Records.  Their next release, Part & Parcel was full of acoustic renditions of past songs, which showed that lighter versions of their songs also worked really well. Some people have this idea that just because a band moves up to a bigger label they aren’t the same band anymore, and in some cases this can be true.  It’s not true for Make Do and Mend. Their latest , Everything You Ever Loved is the first album at their new home, Rise Records, and while it follows the trend set by Part and Parcel, Make Do and Mend haven’t completely lost their edge.

This record is different than End Measured Mile, but in songwriting, hooks, lyrics and music, I feel like its the best the band has released so far.  The first track, Blur, starts the album off slow with a solid build up, then leads into the album’s second track, the barn-burner Disassemble.  If there was any question that Make Do and Mend have found that sweet spot of melody and balls-out rock then this song, and the rest that follow absolutely squash those doubts.  This album is not as heavy as their last full-length, much less so than their debut EP, but it doesn’t need to be.  Make Do and Mend are able to get that same level of emotion by replacing some of the aggression with pop melody, and it works.  Because everything isn’t screaming and breakdowns, the album sounds incredibly dynamic with softer parts that contrast beautifully with the heavier ones.

My vinyl copy is the “Ultra Clear” (c’mon guys it’s just clear) variant, out of 300 copies.  I fell for the Rise Records pre-order bundle that included two posters and an exclusive seven-inch record for a higher price, but to my surprise I was quite happy with it.  The jacket isn’t gatefold but the art is nice and the record sounds great.  Honestly for the past few days I haven’t listened to much else on my record player, which speaks more than I can about how much I truly love this album.

Everything You Ever Loved is different. Like Saves the Day’s transition into Stay What You Are or Transit’s Listen and Forgive, this album is a band trading some of their hardcore aspects with melodic rock. If you listened to Make Do and Mend just for their heavy guitars and gruff vocals, sure, you might not find much to love here.  But, if you really give it a shot, you’ll find an incredibly dynamic, emotional, rocking album.

Listen to this album on Spotify Here

Check out the band’s Official Merch Here


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