Title Fight – Floral Green

Title Fight/Floral Green/Side One Dummy Records/2012/Official Website

Title Fight is a band from Kingston, Pennsylvania that play a mix of punk,  hardcore and grunge. They’re a part of this great bunch of bands that have come out of Pennsylvania in the last few years who have absolutely blown up in the scene.  To go from playing small basement shows to opening for Rise Against on a stadium tour in just a couple of years is pretty mind-blowing.  So what’s the deal with with this band?

Title Fight’s first full length, Shed was a good melodic hardcore record that made plenty of best of 2011 lists.  With Floral Green, Title Fight tones down the harshness (and speed!) and replaces it with a big handful of 90’s emo and alt-rock.  But while Shed was good, Floral Green is great.  Right off the top, “Numb But I Still Feel It” starts the album with a great, slow riff, but as the band kicks in, the singer makes sure you know this is a Title Fight record with his trademark gruff vocals.  The third track, “Like a Ritual” sounds like a long-lost Jawbreaker cut with excellent guitars and longing lyrics.   “Secret Society,” also available on a 7″ single, has a much more Shed-esque vibe to it.  The high-water mark for me on this album is absolutely “Make You Cry.”  Right away, Title Fight’s singer comes out with screaming vocals and the intricate guitar work reminds me of the band’s beloved debut 7″ record.  It’s amazing how the band packed so much rad into one song.

My copy of the record is the “floral” varient, out of 500 copies, and it’s beautiful! The vinyl is a yellow-green-red tri-color swirl and the label looks great.  Some copies of the floral varient have more red than others. Mine barely has any, but man is it pretty. I caught the presale when it started and I’m so glad I did, because the floral copies sold out in just minutes (thanks, Title Fight mailing list!)  This record has AMAZING packaging and sounds excellent.

The great thing about bands like Title Fight is that it really feels like they care about their fans. They understand that so many people who listen to them aren’t going to spend a dime on their music, so they really make it worthwhile for those that do.  Just look at their merch store, and you’ll find cool t-shirts, hats, even backpacks – items that the band themselves would buy if they were fans.

I believe this record was worth every penny, which you can’t really say with every new album that comes out. Title Fight is a great band who put out an excellent record. They absolutely deserve your support. Listen to “Make You Cry” and see just how beautiful a song by a melodic hardcore band can be.

Listen to Floral Green on Spotify Here

Buy Floral Green on vinyl Here

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