Preorder – Iron Chic – Split N’ Shit

Iron Chic/Split N’ Shit/Dead Broke Rekerds/2011/Official Website

Iron Chic is a punk rock band from Long Island, New York.  In 2011, Iron Chic had two European seven-inch releases: a split with the UK’s Pacer and the (Cosmic) Future single. These two records featured four new songs, which were released stateside on the digital-only EP Split N’ Shit. Now, that digital EP is being released on vinyl on the band’s bass player’s record label, Dead Broke Rekerds. Confused yet? Too bad, because this EP kicks major ass, featuring one of my favorite Iron Chic songs “Those Heads Are Our Heads.”  This release is a must have fans of Midwest-via-Long Island punk rock, and features a new alternate cover song.  Split N’ Shit is available on pink (/100) blue (/100) and black (/400) vinyl and the pre-order comes with a full-color poster!

Listen to the EP Here

Pre-Order the EP from Dead Broke Rekerds Here


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