The Menzingers – On the Impossible Past

The Menzingers/On the Impossible Past/Epitaph Records/2012/Official Website

I have been listening to On the Impossible Pastlot.  The Menzinger’s previous full-length, Chamberlain Waits has pretty much hit punk legendary status at this point, so when On the Impossible Past first came out there was definitely those that didn’t think it held up.  Yes, there’s less punk and more rock and roll. Yes, it’s also a fantastic album.  From the first track, “good things,” to the closer “freedom bridge,” the Menzingers’ third LP is full of great guitars, heavy vocals and excellent lyrics.  The album has a track or two that aren’t perfect, but songs like “mexican guitars,” and “casey” are some of my favorites of 2012.  To me, there’s nothing better than listening to a tune and hearing lyrics that really hit home, and this album really gets there for me.  On the Impossible Past is full of songs about friendship, love and nostalgia.

The record itself is just good, not great.  The sound quality is clear when I blast it on my technic, but the packaging isn’t amazing.  The jacket is your standard single jacket, but the album art is clear and the sleeve doubles as a lyric sheet.  Instead of a download code my copy had two CD versions of the album which I put to good use at home and in the car. Overall, The Menzingers exceeded my expectations for an amazing follow-up record.

Listen to my favorite track “Mexican Guitars” on spotify here or on youtube here



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